People do not throw away photos!

A branded photo keepsake from a corporate event such as a convention or festival is a highly effective way to stay top of mind.

"That pic definitely gets a frame & a place on the wall!"
Stuart Mills
Fire Chief
Larkspur Fire Protection District

(Green screen, open booth with super hero props at a tradeshow)

Our corporate clients have different, unique goals for their photo booths.  We have lots of happy corporate clients. Please ask us for referrals.

In addition to prints, we offer photo or .gifs via email and text/SMS services. These services can be offered IN the booth or from external stations. We can collect contact information within CAN-SPAM compliance.

We also offer survey or quiz via the photo booth. Participation can be required or opt out enabled.

External slideshows can wirelessly display the photos, advertisements, and/or survey/quiz data. Click here to watch the workflow for a survey.

We can even do hashtag print stations.

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