Like a lot of Mamaprenuer stories, Michelle, a natural entrepreneur was looking for a new venture. It sounded like a good fit for the things that make her happy-technology and people.

The decision maker for Michelle was her husband's experience with a photo booth at an event. First of all, he stood in line for 45 minutes of the 2 hour event for the precious photo strip from the photo booth. Then, the  photo keepsake was a 4x6 (they expected a traditional 2x6) with 4 photos. The photos were 70% black curtain and 30% faces. The layout was generic. She knew she could do better: Find a faster workflow, a printer that could do the 2" cut automatically and more faces with less curtain, and custom graphics that matched other collateral.

We finalized the company in the Spring of 2012 and launched with our first event, the wedding reception for Matt & Shelley Conger on May 12, 2012 at the Lodge at Breckenridge

We consider ourselves  " Professional Boutique Photo Boothers". What does that means?

We customize everything from the prop selection to the booth set up, to the screens your guests interact with, to the keepsake for each client. We have never done the same thing twice.

"I can’t say enough about how cool this was!  Based on my other experiences, I had thought that photo booths were almost done with their fun factor – but this proved different!" 

​Mother of the Bride

July 2016